5th Annual Blount County Shootout 
Our Blount County Shootout Tournament will be held April 13th - 15th.

The tournament will be held at Blount County area schools, and will accommodate teams 3rd grade -high school level for both boys and girls teams. Schedules and locations will be announced closer to the event.
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Blount County Shootout Schedule:


William Blount High School Gyms A & B:
219 County Farm Road
Maryville, TN 37801

William Blount 9th Grade Academy:
1126 William Blount Drive
Maryville, TN 37801​

Tournament Rules:

  1. Warm up will be 5 minutes, halftime is 3 minutes. Times may be adjusted at the discretion of the tournament directors to maintain Tournament schedule.
  2. Four 10 minute quarters for each game.  Clock stops only during the final 1 minute of the game, unless there is a 20+ point lead in the contest.
  3. Home Team will wear white (light) colored uniforms.  Visiting team will wear dark color uniforms.
  4. Each Team will be allowed 3 full timeouts each game. An additional timeout will awarded to each team for each overtime period.
  5. OT is 2 mins with running clock.  2nd OT is sudden death.
  6. Home team provides book keeper for the game- may be deferred to visiting team.
  7. Visiting team provides game ball- may be deferred if both coaches agree.
  8. 6th grade and older will play with regulation men’s ball (29.5”). 5th grade and under will play with regulation girl’s ball (28.5”).
  9. Age verification documents are the responsibility of the head coach in the event of an age question. The opposing coach requesting documents must also be able to provide them for his team as well. Disqualification is at the tournament director’s discretion.
  10. It is the coach’s responsibility to maintain an utmost sportsmanlike attitude and culture and demand the same from his staff, team, parents, and fans.